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Solaris 10 Automount Not Working


So, if a version 3 server is on the local subnet and the closest version 4 server is on a remote subnet, the version 3 server is given preference. Find all posts by TonyFullerMalv #6 03-22-2009 KhawHL Registered User Join Date: May 2003 Last Activity: 17 November 2015, 10:53 PM EST Posts: 67 Thanks: 2 Thanked 0 If there isn't a response in 15 seconds, the automounter gives up (we're talking SOLAR/net/osseast.east/sunsolvehome/data/patches/103049: No such file or directory /net/osseast.east/sunsolvehome/data/patches/103493: No such file or directory /net/osseast.east/sunsolvehome/data/patches/103154: No such file or The mount command prioritizes the servers that are listed from left to right. Check This Out

By running the command, you make the change effective. You can work around the pwd problem in csh with the following alias: # alias pwd echo \$cwd If you wish this to be permanent, you can add the following to This placement prevents any local changes from being used. Using the previous example, if rusty logs in to the server dragon, autofs there provides direct access to the local disk by loopback-mounting /export/home1/rusty onto /home/rusty. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23824_01/html/821-1454/rfsadmin-210.html

Solaris 10 Automount Not Working

Please show me how to check on this. These users are provided with direct access to local files through loopback mounts instead of NFS mounts. Caution - Do not use the -soft option when specifying hierarchical layers. Similarly, if you run a remote windowing system client on another computer, the client program has the same view of the /home directory.

Should be installed on any machine running automount. 102684-02 SunOS 4.1.3_U1: automounter problems when many filesystems shar Resolves a problem where a SunOS machine could fail to automount from a Solaris These points are also known as trigger nodes. The automounter leaves much information in /etc/mnttab, /etc/mtab on SunOS 4.X. How to Completely Disable Autofs Browsability on a Single NFS Client Become superuser or assume an equivalent role on the NFS client.Roles contain authorizations and privileged commands.

Create the auto_local map. Solaris Restart Automount You can work around it by increasing the timeout value of automount (this is the length of time before automount will unmount an unused partition). Figure6-5 illustrates server proximity.Figure6-5 Server Proximity If several servers that support the same protocol are on the local subnet, the time to connect to each server is determined and the fastest How to Access CD-ROM Applications With Autofs Note - Use this procedure if you are not using Volume Manager.

A: In general, use dots under SunOS and underscores under Solaris. The auto_home table may be modified via admintool, nistbladm or nisaddent (admintool is suggested). The following procedure shows you how to use the /etc/default/autofs file. Table5-7 Map Maintenance Name Service Method Local files Text editor NIS make files The next table tells you when to run the automount command, depending on the modification you have made

Solaris Restart Automount

Executable Autofs Maps You can create an autofs map that executes some commands to generate the autofs mount points. automount then makes the appropriate changes. Solaris 10 Automount Not Working The mount process includes the creation of the trigger nodes. Solaris Automount Nfs If the entries in the auto_home map include mount options, the nosuid option is overwritten.

All rights reserved. http://atomirc.net/not-working/mac-mic-not-working.html For more information about roles, see Configuring RBAC (Task Map) in System Administration Guide: Security Services. Note - Users should not be permitted to run setuid executables from their home directories. Other Errors With Autofs If the /etc/auto* files have the execute bit set, the automounter tries to execute the maps, which creates messages such as the following: /etc/auto_home: +auto_home: not found

These users are provided with direct access to local files through loopback mounts instead of NFS mounts. Under these circumstances, running the following command causes the /export1 file system from bee to be mounted:% ls /execute/src Modifying How Autofs Navigates the Network (Modifying Maps) You can modify, delete, The file system resources for automatic mounting are defined in automount maps. http://atomirc.net/not-working/asx-not-working.html Add the nobrowse option to the /net entry in the /etc/auto_master file. /net -hosts -nosuid,nobrowse On all clients, run the automount command.The new behavior becomes effective after running the automount command

Disable the feature by using a command-line option to the automountd daemon, which completely disables autofs browsability for the client. Q1: What is this /tmp_mnt directory? If /mnt/sum is not in any of the automount tables then perhaps it is actually a NFS mount in /etc/vfstab and not automounted at all?

However, if both the client and the server are running NFS version 4, the functionality is as follows.

bin aa:/export/local/bin/$CPU$OSREL For clients that are running version 5.6 of the operating system, export the following file systems: For SPARC clients - Export /export/local/bin/sparc5.6. Other new maps can be created with similar syntax. You need only change rusty's entry in the auto_home map to reflect the new location. Remember, only local files can contain + entries. +/etc/auto_mystuff # local map +auto_home # NIS map +-hosts # built-in hosts map Note - You cannot use + entries in NIS maps.

Notify your users of the changes. Notification is required so that the users can run the automount command as superuser on their own computers, if necessary. Or disable browsability for each map entry on all clients by using the autofs maps. http://atomirc.net/not-working/mvc-css-not-working.html user is their login name and the key in the map.

The automount property in the config property group specifies the order that the name service databases are searched when looking for automount entries. A: Always give automounter a "friendly kill" never kill -9.