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just pulled my motor and the rear pto mount was broken at each end. It happened to let go at the bottom of a bowl with the only way in and out a pretty good chute...made for an interesting adventure. Had to spread the sheaves apart and tighten them back down, happened on two sleds. Brake lever: operates hydraulic disk brakes that stop the rear tracks.

In this "class," Tony Jenkins shows you how he gets unstuck when he ends up alone in deep powder. skidoo_guy09-29-2009, 08:51 PM20/45 for all 154 summits at 6000' and higher Can anyone tell me what the stock gearing is for an 08 154? any suggestions ?? Idler wheels: These don't provide power: they allow the track to spread over a larger area of the ground, effectively giving a longer track and providing better traction.

Ski Doo Jet Ski

Even if I don't get one, what do I need to do to pull the clutching apart to give it a proper cleaning? If you're operating in salt water you'll need to execute the very simple flush procedure, which is explained in your owner's manual. triple709-28-2009, 09:34 PM2009-10 ECM update for all models... 2009 TRA spring cup for all 2007-2008 TRA 7... Checked the rear engine mount bolt that Winter Brew talked about and it was fine also.

Clothing and Accessories UTV's Arctic Cat CanAm Honda Kawasaki Kubota Polaris Yamaha Other UTV's ATV, UTV & Dirtbike Clothing Boots Jackets/Pants/Suits Chest Protection Gloves Goggles Jerseys & Shirts Misc Clothing ATV, The limiter "puck" help to keep the 2 sheaves from banging together and possibly damaging the area of the movable sheave that retains the snap-ring holding the bushing....have seen these completely You can win awesome prizes for just for voting. Skidoo Flights Shouldn't ever need it when the motor is warm. 1/2 choke is for keeping the motor running if it starts to chug when first started up.

Feel that it was brought on by the early belt problems [blowing up heat etc.] It's always good to replace before they blow! Makes quite a mess. Y-pipe bolts thanks ski-doo guy... http://www.hardcoresledder.com/forums/250-rev-chassis/371406-rer-not-working.html You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.

The oil tanks leaks from the cap. Ski Doo Parts weird or common warranty issue I had the same problem. Thanks, http://www.gripnripracing.com/ MT boondocker10-26-2009, 06:50 PMis there room to get to the cable after pulling the carbs? thanks to those that respond.:face-icon-small-hap xpspenziv10-28-2009, 06:20 PMRoosterbuilt let them set it and you forget it,turn up the radio,put gas it,do what ever you want to do.quick clickers are a cheep

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Ordered a new one anyway to have in stock. 2010 cable is a different part number. http://www.snowmobilefanatics.com/forums/27-ski-doo/118347-rer-not-working.html Dashboard instruments: The latest snowmobiles have LCD display panels including a speedometer (showing current speed and average speed), rev counter, mileometer, engine thermometer, and compass. Ski Doo Jet Ski well when you get the job done give me a call so i can take it off your hands drypowder11-30-2009, 12:02 AMput nordlock washers on my xp with a drop of Ski Doo Accessories Does the engine attempt to reverse itself and then dies??? 12-18-2008, 07:58 PM #3 (permalink) oldslowsledder Super Advanced Member Join Date: Oct 2005 Posts: 552 Current Sled(s):

Sure enough I checked it, and the rub marks were there. Please be aware that if you violate this policy you are in danger of losing your posting privileges on this website.The calling out or posting of another members personal information IE If you live somewhere warm, like California, your only chance of seeing one of these brilliant little machines is in wildlife documentaries or James Bond films. I was wondering how to install it as I have never pulled a clutch apart. Skidoo Movie

By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies.Tell me more | Cookie Preferences LinkBack LinkBack URL About LinkBacks Remember Me? I have an 09 and it leaks?:confused: winter brew12-10-2009, 02:36 PMHas anybody else tried this to solve the oil leak problem? Any ideas? Plus all the crap in there chews up the moving parts.

thought would share as a FYI Saw the same thing on my friend's sled... Ski Doo 2017 Correct me if im wrong but I believe the 08 valves were cut from a different material than the 07 valves and the softer 07 ones were failing in some cases?? Anyways, got it back to the trailer, cranked the heat up overnight to dry it out, gave it a shot of WD 40 in the morning, and it hasn't happened since...

this is a major issue that i am quite shocked the pro's at doo wont warranty, i have 1600 miles on my sled and all but two bolts broke off the

It did the same thing the next morning also. Any ideas? I agree about the spindle bushings. Ski Doo Snowmobile Without the spring sleeve the spring distorts/resonates and rubs against the aluminum spring cap causing alot of abrasive dust that gets into bushings/rollers and shortens clutch life, not to mention makes

tylbz01-05-2010, 11:52 PMo8 154 set up -gearing -20-45 -primary clutch- 2 sizes steeper on the stock ramps and bigger rollers -starter gear REMOVED -flow rights vents in the back of the Oil breaking down early or something?? You will need to remove Skidoo clamps and install the old style hose clamp. She started for about 10 secs and then "abruptly" died, like I had actuated the kill switch.

THATS good advertising! More precise fit and better bushing material. If the connections and fuses are good. Roughly 500 miles.

It was about 4 below up at the mountain over new years, I went out that morning and tried starting my 09 600 etec and wow, I thought I was going I have the same problem when I hit the button nothing happens it just stays idling but e start works fine and my gauges get all messed up when it revs trying to start all we would get would be a back fire or a couple of revs and then die. It reads empty all the time.

Everybody should lube and check the throttle cable for sure! Want to get previews of Ski-Doo School videos weeks before we release them online? I am going to do my new sled, but they said the kit now goes on the out side and top of the boards not underneath. Thanks for the heads up on the wires.