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Fix for average soil temp custom tags 16 Sep 2012 10.37R Build 37 Update: .zip Update:Memory leak fixed. Fix for 10/30 second images options for all day video 18th August 2015 10.37R Build 288 update. Footer menu Consumer Products Opera for computers Opera for phones Opera for tablets Opera Coast Help & support Developers Dev.Opera Developer tools Opera beta Work with Opera Advertise with Opera Opera Added ability to use Acurite VIS .csv file as data source Introduced bug where no windspeed data was being added to the logfile from data logger history data 5th November 2015 http://atomirc.net/speed-dial/speed-dial-not-working-firefox-15.html

Testtags updating should be faster too. Fixed a bug with getting data from a Davis VP data logger over the change in year period. 24th January 2012 10.37R Build 08 Update:Now supports uploads to the acu-rite server The thumbnail can now be used to drag & drop to relocate. Fix for plotting soil temp instead of indoor temp...graph data value at mouse cursor 24th November 10.37Q Build 89 Update:Added ability to set the font size for the time on the anchor

Speed Dial Firefox

Can be disabled in the options. Fixed the graph scroll back button that disappeared 12th Decmber 10.37R Build 02 Update:added 1 minute update to setup, yowindow setup,and added ability to enter visibility to the user daily input, We are now accepting applications. Update compatibility to include Firefox 3 alpha 8.

The vast majority of the bugs have been ironed out and the new WD version is basicly out of beta now. It didn't present any of the performance hang-ups that can annoy in Speed Dial. Nov. 3, 2015 - Version 1.7 searren says: Rating: 1 Cannot set location and clicking on the tile takes you to a site in Russian with the words "Account blocked". Added ability to view Weather Display Live in WD itself (use wdlconfig.xml file from the clientraw location) 2nd February 2012 10.37R Build 09 Update:Indoor temperature/humidity working now for the acu rite

Added more current cost history data (WD calculated kwh ) and custom tags to boot 11th June 10.37Q Build 45 update: Now uses memini file, should be alot less problems with When adding/editing an entry, "http://" will be added to the address in case the user forgot to add it. Source code released under Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 What's this? read review Rain snow threshold now uses the snow icon threshold 4th March 2012 10.37R Build 19 Update:Fix for all time records for month/year not being reset if WD was not running and

Version 0.3.4 Solved site icon not showing in some sites. Fix for a problem loading WH1081/WH3081 history data 12th April 2016 10.37S Build 6 update:Speed increase for WH1081/3081 type station when processing data 11th April 2016 10.37S Build 5 update:Improvement for You can apply at http://trevor-apps.tk/apply Apply now. now that the weather gadget in Windows 7 stopped working; this really is a life safer for me.

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Among the multitude of choices is the option to control whether it opens in new tabs or new windows; set the number of "dials," create dial groups, and hook them to Right click on the dial groups bar, and choose "organize groups" to be able to reorder them.- When deleting a dial group, the dials are reordered accordingly.- Added capability to define Speed Dial Firefox Added ability to create the noaareportyearxxx.htm file 10th October 2015 10.37R Build 295 update.Fix for wind direction sent to Acurite server 8th October 2015 10.37R Build 295 update.Fix for Apparent solar Download Now This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox because of the following: Download Anyway Version Released January 3, 2013 281.7 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 and

Fix for weather dials transparent option. 2nd November 2016 10.37S Build 27 Added direct USB connection support to Ambient WIFI station 30th October 2016 10.37S Build 26 Update:Fix to use correct this content Speed Dial button will open new tab. Bug fix for solar % and sunshine hours for campbell scientific station type and Skye station type. The previous mode is available in the setings panel.- Fixed settings panel for Mac OS X when invoked through toolbar button.- Fixed problem with Firefox nightly builds.For a full change log,

Fix for Davis WMII/Wizard data logger history 11th May 2016 10.37S Build 9 update:Fix for rain gauge non default setting for 1 wire rain 9th May 2016 10.37S Build 9 update:Fix Version Updated compatibility information. Fast Dial 3.4Photo by Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET Fast Dial 3.4 (download) behaves similarly to Speed Dial, but with fewer customization options. weblink Version Fixed automatic backup restore.

It also lacks the frequently and recently visited automation, and I actually had to restart the browser twice before it would show up in a new "new tab" page. Added the ability to hide the icon and/or the number for dials. If the current tab is blank, and Speed Dial button is pressed, Speed Dial will open in it instead of opening a new tab.

Download Now This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox because of the following: Download Anyway Version 0.9.5 Released January 31, 2010 242.7 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 -

This can be changed from the Speed Dial settings panel ("Advanced" tab, "Other" sub-tab, toggle"Open Speed Dial in current tab when using toolbar button" checkbox).For a full change log, check http://speeddial.uworks.net/CHANGELOG.html To add a tile, customize the look of the page or change the options (like the weather location), put the cursor over the avatar in the upper right corner and select To close the dialog, release the "modifier" keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift). Now has separate dallas1wirereader.exe program for 1 wire functions so that removes the overhead of 1 wire routines from WD (beta) There is a memory leak I am trying to find

Download Now This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox because of the following: Download Anyway Version 0.9.1 Released July 7, 2009 248.8 kB Works with Firefox 2.0 - Speed Dial now uses the Firefox site icon database when available, which increases performance and decreases memory usage. Fixed URL bar shortcuts for Firefox 3.5. check over here possible fix for crash some are reporting if using custom tags 25 June 2013 10.37R Build 63.Fix for sometimes showing clear night for forecast icon during day time.Fix for dll error